Teambuilding with a Custom Game Show
Production from Ultimate Game Show®

Employees have a blast, while learning wirh The Ultimate Game Show.

Ultimate Game Show® offers a wide variety of programs that will help you build a stronger team. As you know, strong communication and problem solving skills are a critical ingredient of any successful company. Ultimate Game Show® offers team-oriented, trivia-based game shows that review critical training material while encouraging cooperative play.

But Ultimate Game Show® also offers several programs that are based on popular reality TV shows that encourage teamwork through light physical challenges. Many of these programs can be presented eithe outdoors or in a large ballroom.

A training session with "The Ultimate Challenge" form The Ultimate Game Show.

Our founder and president, Bryan Quinn, has been facilitating teambulding programs for more than 20 years, both through his own companies and as a highly sought after freelance consultant. Through these experiences he has developed a unique "play with purpose" approach that engages all participants. He understands that the "touchy feely" aspects that some providers insist on incorporating into their programs can easily "turn off" a lot of people.

Our most popular teambuilding programs are game shows that involve every member of the group through the use of our state-of-the-art wireless audience response keypads. Everyone answers questions on their own keypad, with their score being combined with that of their teammates. Then for the final round we invite the top scoring individuals from each team on-stage to compete at our realistic contestant podiums in a best of the best final round. This final round can be a recreation of a popular TV game show or one of our numerous original game formats. No matter which format we choose for the final round, all of these programs offer our clients the best of both worlds - 100% participation and the impact and excitement of a Hollywood game show.

A training session with "The Ultimate Challenge" form The Ultimate Game Show.       A training session with "The Ultimate Challenge" form The Ultimate Game Show.

If you would like to enjoy all of the interactive teambuilding benefits of audience response keypads but without the game show element, we've got you covered. Please visit Ultimate Audience Response®, the ARS (Audience Response Services) division of Ultimate Game Show®.